Metamaterials Science and Technology Workshop


The Center for Metamaterials and Integrated Plasmonics sponsored a workshop this summer at UCSD July 20th-22nd 2015. The educational event, hosted by the CMIP, celebrated fifteen years of metamaterials progress! 2015 marks fifteen years since the first negative index metamaterial was demonstrated at U.C. San Diego and, of course, Sir John Pendry’s paper on the “perfect lens.” These two publications were major milestones in the development of the metamaterials field, which has grown steadily and rapidly ever since. CMIP partnered with UCSD to organize a three day metamaterials workshop, that highlighted both the history of metamaterials as well as the most recent advances and commercialization efforts. The workshop toke place on the UCSD campus, July 20-22, 2015.

Keynote Speakers:

Sir John B. Pendry

Imperial College London

Not everything was negative

Nathan Kundtz

President and CEO of Kymeta

Kymeta and the mass-market commercialization of metamaterials

Plenary Speakers:

Harry Atwater


Electronically Tunable Metamaterials

Martin Wegener

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Recent progress on metamaterials in optics, thermodynamics, mechanics, and magneto-transport

Yuri Kivshar

Australian National University

All-dielectric nanophotonics and metadevices: From Fano resonance to functional metasurfaces

Eli Yablonovitch


Optical Antennas: Spontaneous Emission Faster Than Stimulated Emission

Metamaterials Speakers:


Richard Averitt

University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Nonlinear high-field response of terahertz metamaterials

Evgenii Narimanov


Photonic Hypercrystals

Igal Brener


Tunable and Nonlinear Metasurfaces: Metamaterials Meet Optoelectronics

Alec Rose

Evolv Technologies

Modular and metamaterial approaches to physical security

Steve Cummer

Duke University

Applied Acoustic Metamaterials

Vladimir Shalaev


Merging Metamaterials with Quantum Photonics

Tom Driscoll


Echodyne's Challenge: Establishing a Fast Design Cycle for Productization of Metamaterial-Based Imaging Radar Systems

Gennady Shvets

University of Texas at Austin

Photonic Topological Insulators Based on Metamaterials: Molding the Flow of Light Around Corners and Obstacles

Nader Engheta

University of Pennsylvania

Informatic metastructures

Costas Soukoulis

AMES Lab / Iowa State University

Optical Metamaterials Resonances with Large Quality Factors

Shaya Fainman

University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Nanophotonics Technology

Anthony Starr


Development of Metamaterial for Military Applications

Nicholas Fang


Tunable Light-matter Interaction With Quantum Spillover and 2D materials

Casey Tegreene

Intellectual Ventures

Metamaterials: An Investor’s Story, How to invest in a technology when you’re not sure what it’s good for

Nan Jokerst

Duke University

2D and 3D Metamaterials: Physical Realization and Heterogeneous Integration

Augustine Urbas


Metamaterials for Defense Applications

Natalia Litchinitser

University of Buffalo

Singular Optics in the meta-world

Yaroslav Urzhumov

Duke University/Intellectual Ventures

Metamaterials: In Pursuit Of Globally Optimal Designs

Zhaowei Liu

University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Quantum Plasmonic Metamaterials

Xiang Zhang


Optical metamaterials: progress and perspective

Maiken Mikkelsen

Duke University

Control of Radiative Processes using Colloidally Synthesized Plasmonic Nanocavities

Nikolay Zheludev

Southampton University

Metamaterials: Optical Properties on Demand

Workshop Organizers and Presenters:

Dimitri Basov

University of California San Diego (UCSD)

David R. Smith

Duke University

Willie Padilla

Duke University

Metamaterials for Single Pixel Imaging at Long Wavelengths