CMIP represented at SMILE 2015

On June 23 and 24, David Smith, Jonah Gollub, and Stéphane Larouche attended the Seminar on Microwave Imaging at Limoges (SMILE 2015). The seminar was organized by the XLim research institute of the University of Limoges. It featured an overview of the field of imaging by invited speakers coming mainly from France, but also from Japan and the Netherlands.

The seminar was a great opportunity for us to discuss with specialists on image reconstruction for radar imaging, and how these approaches relate to our own research on computational imaging for security applications. We were particularly intrigued by an imaging approach which depends only on the measurement of spacial correlation of noise.

The seminar also allowed us to visit Limoges, a very lovely city of 140000 people in the center of France, and to enjoy French cuisine.

Let's hope SMILE becomes a reccuring event.