Phase conjugation metamaterials: particle design and imaging experiments

TitlePhase conjugation metamaterials: particle design and imaging experiments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsA.R. Katko, G.. Shvets, S..A. Cummer
JournalJournal of Optics
Date Published11/2012

Design and experimental characterization of nonlinear metamaterials Most of the success of metamaterials in the linear regime stems from the ability to precisely relate a particular metamaterial geometry to the effective parameters characterizing the elecromagnetic properties of the composite media. On the other hand, the highly non-uniform distribution of the electromagnetic field within the elements forming a metamaterial has naturally sparked widespread interest in using metamaterials for enhancing numerous nonlinear processes. Extending the description in terms of the effective parameters to the nonlinear regime seems therefore highly desirable for further effective analysis and application of metamaterial structures. Several approaches have been developed recently by our group enabling such a characterization. In this paper, we use the developed approaches and the experimental data obtained in the microwave regime using a varactor-loaded split ring resonator based medium, to propose the design-on-demand tool for the development of nonlinear metacrystals with tailored nonlinear parameters.

Short TitleJ. Opt.