Negative index and indefinite media waveguide couplers

TitleNegative index and indefinite media waveguide couplers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsA.. Degiron, D.R. Smith, J.J. Mock, B..J. Justice, J..N. Gollub
JournalApplied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing
ISBN Number0947-8396
Accession NumberWOS:000249502400032

We study the coupling interaction between dielectric waveguides and coupling elements made from negative-refracting media. The coupling configuration consists of a length of dielectric waveguide, which terminates either directly into or near a planar layer composed of the negative-refracting medium, and is followed by a second waveguide. Radiation output from the first waveguide is refocused at the position of the second waveguide, so that the negative-refracting layer serves as a coupler between the waveguides. Because both isotropic negative-index layers and bilayers of indefinite media can recover the near-field, evanescent components of a source field distribution, the coupling between the input and output waveguides can be highly efficient - in principle providing perfect, lossless coupling. We present simulations and some initial experimental results illustrating the coupling effect, and speculate on the potential for optical fiber couplers and integrated modulators.