Lab Manager Job Description

The candidate will manage the day to day operations of Dr. Smith’s Laboratory. This will include building up and maintaining experimental capabilities, maintaining instruments, and generally managing lab facilities. The candidate will use and develop their technical skills (Matlab programming, RF experimental expertise, etc) to support experimental efforts in the laboratory.

Funding for the position is currently tied to the DHS S&T Directorate to develop the next generation millimeter wave imaging and the candidate’s efforts will prioritized support of this effort. However, the candidate will also be familiar with the other ongoing and future projects in the laboratory and be involved in the long term planning to support these projects.

Specific lab management responsibilities will include:

  1. Building up specific experimental capabilities (machining, electronics, sourcing components)
  2. Coordinating capital and general equipment orders (working with vendors, obtaining quotes, providing sole source justifications, packing slips collection, etc.)
  3. Coordinating installation, training, and maintenance of lab equipment.
  4. Ensuring that lab consumables are stocked:
    1. Maintaining stock of 3D printer materials (ABS, PLA, trays, tips, Support stripping bath)
    2. Circuit board prototyping equipment (LPKF consumables, Rogers substrate)
    3. Ensuring that a full set of tools are stocked in each lab
  5. Coordinating removal of surplus equipment in the lab and ensuring general organization of each experimental station in the lab.
  6. Coordinate with chemical safety officer.
  7. Ensuring lab users maintain their work areas in a clean and organized manner. Further, the candidate will schedule a quarterly lab cleaning event for all graduate, postdoc, and researchers using the lab.