Stephane Larouche

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Stephane Larouche is currently an Assistant Research Professor in our group, studying various aspects of linear and nonlinear metamaterials and plasmons. Dr. Larouche received his PhD in engineering physics from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, under the supervision of Ludvik Martinu. Dr. Larouche has developed advanced methods for the design of optical filters with arbitrary refractive indices. He has developed a retrieval method for the characterization of nonlinear metamaterials, and currently leads several projects in the lab including infrared metamaterials.

Significant Publications: 

de Denus-Baillargeon, M-M; Schmitt, T; Larouche, S; Martinu, L, Design and fabrication of stress-compensated optical coatings: Fabry–Perot filters for astronomical applications, Applied Optics. 53, 2616 (2014).

Tsai,Y-J; Larouche, S; Tyler, T; Llopis, A.; Royal, M; Jokerst, NM; Smith, DR, Arbitrary birefringent metamaterials for holographic optics at λ = 155 μm, Optics Express. 21, 26620 (2013).

Larouche, S; Tsai, Y-J; Tyler, T; Jokerst, NM; Smith, DR, Infrared metamaterial phase holograms, Nature Materials. 11, 450 - 454 (2012).

Larouche, S; Smith, DR, Optics: Nanotube holograms, Nature. 491, 47 - 48 (2012).