Daniel Gauthier

Bass Fellow

Prof. Gauthier is interested in a broad range of topics in the fields of nonlinear and quantum optics, and nonlinear dynamical systems. In the area of optical physics, his group is studying the fundamental characteristics of highly nonlinear light-matter interactions at both the classical and quantum levels and is using this understanding to develop practical devices. He is currently interested in nanoscale nonlinear optical devices that are enhanced using plasmonic and metamaterial approaches as well as developing methods to exploit the extremely large nonlinear optical susceptibility of metals while avoiding their losses. The vision is to develop a complete lab on a chip for complex quantum signal processing. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America.

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Significant Publications: 

Poutrina, E.; Ciracì, C.; Gauthier, D.J.; Smith, D.R, Enhancing four-wave-mixing processes by nanowire arrays coupled to a gold film, Opt. Express 20, 11005 (2012).

Rosin, DP; Rontani, D; Gauthier, DJ, Synchronization of coupled Boolean phase oscillators, Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, vol 89 no. 4 (2014).

Aragoneses, A; Sorrentino, T; Perrone, S; Gauthier, DJ; Torrent, MC; Masoller, C, Experimental and numerical study of the symbolic dynamics of a modulated external-cavity semiconductor laser, Optics Express, vol 22 no. 4 (2014), pp. 4705-4713.

Christensen, BG; McCusker, KT; Gauthier, DJ; Kumor, DR; Chandar, V; Kwiat, PG, Higher-dimensional quantum cryptography (2014).