Alex Baron

Adjunct Assistant Research Professor

Alex Baron joined Duke University in 2015 as an Adjunct Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In addition, Baron is an Assistant Professor at the University of Bordeaux, France. His research interests include: Nonlinear Metamaterials and Plasmonics, Self-Assembled Metamaterials, Disorder in Photonic Crystal Waveguides. Baron is known for nonlinear optics and disorder in slow-light photonic crystal waveguides, mesuring the nonlinear optical properties of gold using surface plasmon polaritons, highly efficient and unidirectional surface plasmon launchers, 3D self-assembled optical metamaterials.

Significant Publications: 

P Bowen, A Baron, and DR Smith, “Generalized theory of spectrally selective perfect absorbers”, soumis à Physical Reviw Letters (2015).

Z Huang, A Baron, S Larouche, C Argyropoulos, and DR Smith, “Optical bistability with film-coupled metasurfaces”, soumis à Optics Letters (2015).

L Peres, A Baron, and S Fasquel, “Passive absorption in a classical photonic crystal-based organic solar cell”, Optics Letters 40, pp. 3161-3164 (2015).

A Baron, TB Hoang, C Fang, MH Mikkelsen, and DR Smith, “Self-action of surface plasmon polaritons”, Physical Review B 91, 195412 (2015).

A Baron, S Larouche, DJ Gauthier, and DR Smith, “Scaling of the nonlinear response of the surface plasmon polariton at a metal/dielectric interface”, Journal of the Optical Society of America B 32, pp. 9-14 (2015).