Voltage switching of a VO2 memory metasurface using ionic gel

TitleVoltage switching of a VO2 memory metasurface using ionic gel
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsM.D. Goldflam, M.K. Liu, B.C. Chapler, H.T. Stinson, A.J. Sternbach, A.S. McLeod, J.D. Zhang, K. Geng, M. Royal, B-J. Kim, R.D. Averitt, N.M. Jokerst, D.R. Smith, H-T.. Kim, D.N. Basov
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Date PublishedApr-07-2016

We demonstrate an electrolyte-based voltage tunable vanadium dioxide (VO2) memory metasurface. Large spatial scale, low voltage, non-volatile switching of terahertz (THz) metasurface resonances is achieved through voltage application using an ionic gel to drive the insulator-to-metal transition in an underlying VO2 layer. Positive and negative voltage application can selectively tune the metasurface resonance into the “off” or “on” state by pushing the VO2 into a more conductive or insulating regime respectively. Compared to graphene based control devices, the relatively long saturation time of resonance modification in VO2 based devices suggests that this voltage-induced switching originates primarily from electrochemical effects related to oxygen migration across the electrolyte–VO2 interface.

Short TitleAppl. Phys. Lett.