Terahertz compressive imaging with metamaterial spatial light modulators

TitleTerahertz compressive imaging with metamaterial spatial light modulators
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsC.M. Watts, D. Shrekenhamer, J. Montoya, G. Lipworth, J. Hunt, T. Sleasman, S. Krishna, D.R. Smith, W.J. Padilla
JournalNature Photonics
Pagination605 - 609
Date PublishedMay-06-2016

Imaging at long wavelengths, for example at terahertz and millimetre-wave frequencies, is a highly sought-after goal of researchers, because of the great potential for applications ranging from security screening and skin cancer detection to all-weather navigation and biodetection. Here, we design, fabricate and demonstrate active metamaterials that function as real-time tunable, spectrally sensitive spatial masks for terahertz imaging with only a single-pixel detector. A modulation technique permits imaging with negative mask values, which is typically difficult to achieve with intensity-based components. We demonstrate compressive techniques allowing the acquisition of high-frame-rate, high-fidelity images. Our system is all solid-state with no moving parts, yields improved signal-to-noise ratios over standard raster-scanning techniques, and uses a source orders of magnitude lower in power than conventional set-ups9. The demonstrated imaging system establishes a new path for terahertz imaging that is distinct from existing focal-plane-array-based cameras.

Short TitleNature Photon