Reconciliation of generalized refraction with diffraction theory

TitleReconciliation of generalized refraction with diffraction theory
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsS. Larouche, D.R. Smith
JournalOpt. Lett.
Date PublishedJun
KeywordsDiffraction gratings, Diffraction theory

When an electromagnetic wave is obliquely incident on the interface between two homogeneous media with different refractive indices, the requirement of phase continuity across the interface generally leads to a shift in the trajectory of the wave. When a linearly position-dependent phase shift is imposed at the interface, the resulting refraction may be described using a generalized version of Snell's law. In this Letter, we establish a formal equivalence between generalized refraction and blazed diffraction gratings, further discussing the relative merits of the two approaches.