Metamaterial Apertures for Computational Imaging

TitleMetamaterial Apertures for Computational Imaging
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsJ. Hunt, T. Driscoll, A. Mrozack, G. Lipworth, M. Reynolds, D. Brady, D.R. Smith
Pagination310 - 313
Date Published01/2013

To view the full text from Science Magazine please follow the links below; Abstract: Reprint: Full Text: By leveraging metamaterials and compressive imaging, a low-profile aperture capable of microwave imaging without lenses, moving parts, or phase shifters is demonstrated. This designer aperture allows image compression to be performed on the physical hardware layer rather than in the postprocessing stage, thus averting the detector, storage, and transmission costs associated with full diffraction-limited sampling of a scene. A guided-wave metamaterial aperture is used to perform compressive image reconstruction at 10 frames per second of two-dimensional (range and angle) sparse still and video scenes at K-band (18 to 26 gigahertz) frequencies, using frequency diversity to avoid mechanical scanning. Image acquisition is accomplished with a 40:1 compression ratio.

Short TitleScience