Nathan Kundtz

Kymeta and the mass-market commercialization of metamaterials

Speaker: Nathan Kundtz, Kymeta

Abstract: High gain antennas have been almost exclusively the domain of the parabolic reflector for the past 50 years. This fundamental tool at high frequencies (10GHz+) has constrained the use of these bands for mobile communications. Kymeta is addressing this challenge with metamaterials-based antenna designs which can be produced using liquid crystal manufacturing lines. The confluence of disruptive new design tools with the $250BB of invested infrastructure in the display industry is creating enormous opportunities and reflects a coming sea-change in wireless communications.

In this talk I will cover Kymeta’s technology and genesis from Duke to Intellectual Ventures to Kymeta’s formation. I will also discuss the use of LCD technologies in microwave design with an emphasis on reconfigurable diffractive metamaterials. Finally I will describe some of the existing and greenfield opportunities on the horizon for this technology.