Yaroslav Makes Appearance on Russian TV

The Center for Metamaterials Yaroslav Urzhumov was featured on Russia's "Central Television with Vadim Takmenyov, an infotainment channel". The full episode is below and a translation is included;

As is customary, American nanotechnologies are being worked with by our (Russian) brains. North Carolina Professor of Electrical Engineering Yaroslav Urzhumov is strolling the parks of Duke University. He has a 3D laboratory here. “After the cloak of invisibility is 3D-printed, we have to test it and make sure that it actually works.”

А еще, как водится, на их нанотехнологии работают наши мозги. Северная Каролина. По лужайкам унив. Дюка неспешно прогуливается проф. Электроники Ярослав Уржумов. Здесь у него – своя 3Д лаборатория. «После того, как шапка-невидимка изготовлена на 3Д принтере, мы должны ее протестировать и убедиться, что она на самом деле работает.